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Low Doc Loans & Bad Credit Home Loans

No Financials required for this type of loans – it’s quick and easy mortgage and finance solution – no proof of income required – just complete and sign an income declaration form with the standard home loan application. This saves you the hassle of working through pay slips, tax returns and other documents when applying for a home or investment loan. 

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We can offer you a loan, provided there are no delinquencies, which will automatically rolls to the standard variable rate just 2 years after settlement!!! Or, apply to convert to a standard rate anytime 12 month after settlement by providing proof of income. The income must at least match income declared in the original declaration of financial position. Conversion fee may apply.

Changes in the lifestyles and financial trends are adding to the demand for non-conforming products, like Low Doc (Lo Doc) Home Loans or No Doc Home Loans. They are called “low docs” because the applicant is only required to supply the lender with a declaration (which comes in different forms) that they can afford the repayments.

Low Doc Home Loans are usually slightly more expensive than traditional loans due to the higher risk profile.This is predominantly for clients who are looking to purchase residential or investment properties or refinance existing housing property and don’t have PAYG or current taxation returns conforming income, which normally sustains a standard housing/investment loan.This type of funding is designed to help people who are self-employed, Independent Contractors, Investors, No-Financials borrowers, CRAA Impaired, Ex-Bankrupt or clients with arrears on current mortgages and borrowers who have been rejected by traditional lenders.

We understand that choosing the right Low Doc Home Loan can be a confusing and time consuming exercise. Our professional mortgage finance consultants can provide you with information to make an informed decision obligation free.

Because of unforeseen occurrences in life, bad credit loans can help good people who may be struggling with job loss, medical costs, divorce, or other life changing circumstances that have an impact on your financial well being.

Acquiring a bad credit loan, may be the first step to rebuilding your credit. Many people with credit problems find that a loan of this nature can help them get back on their feet and find the way to personal financial freedom once again. This provision can be used to help get your life back on track, get rid of calls from creditors and even avoid bankruptcy.

People who have bad credit may feel that a home loan is out of reach for them. Whether you need to purchase a home for the first time, relocate to a new home, or would like to refinance your current home, rest assured that there is a loan program available for you. Even if you have bad credit, you may be able to find a home equity loan, a home purchase loan, or even a loan to refinance your current mortgage at a lower rate and save you hundreds of dollars a month in interest payments.

Many people believe that credit cards are unavailable for those people with less than perfect credit. A credit card is merely a type of loan, and is still an available type of bad credit loan available for your consideration. The interest on the credit card will be generally higher than on a home loan because the credit card is an unsecured loan, that is, a loan with no collateral. The home loan uses the house as collateral that the loan will be repayed, and thus will generally have a lower interest rate.

For those struggling with making all those monthly expenses, one type of bad credit loan available is a debt consolidation loan. A debt consolidation loan can help you combine many different credit card payments into one loan, one payment that many times has a lower interest rate. You can merge your payments into one payment and help manage your monthly cash flow.

It is important to realize that while bad credit loans are available, and they can help you, you must remember a few things. Generally, the interest rates will be higher on these loans. This is reasonable and expected since banks and lenders assume a somewhat higher level of risk. However, taking this step can improve your financial health and eventually help you to rebuild your credit until one day, you also can have good credit again.

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