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First Australian Home Buyers

Mortgage Brokers at Aussie Best Loans Centre recognises that you are about to undertake a significant commitment when you choose to buy your first home or investment property. To reduce the confusion, here is some helpful information to assist you with making this very important step in your life.

For many of us, the purchase of our first home is one of the largest financial commitments we will ever make. This makes finding the right home loan just as important as finding the right home.

Australian Mortgage Brokers at Aussie Best Loans Centre can help you, particularly when the banks and non-bank lenders are very different in their approach to lending. By working with more than 30 of Australia's leading lenders, we are able to match the right home loan to your needs.

At Aussie Best Loans Centre, our aim is to eliminate any guesswork on your part and to help you sort through the maze of home loan products available. We will also take the time to help you understand the different interest rates, fees and charges, and terms and conditions available.

We will explain to you the features of the different loans and why they are more suited to your individual requirements. If you have a preference for a loan that offers certain features, then we can identify which lenders and which products will meet these needs.

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Buying your First Home

After much consideration, you have decided you want to buy a home you think. Before you proceed, there are a few things you should consider: Ask yourself the common sense but essential questions

check Do I have the means to pay a deposit, and then pay the regular instalments off the loan? 
check Will I continue to be in a position to do so?

Use the resources at your disposal -newspapers, drive around the city, talk to friends and experts -to determine first whether it's for your use or for an investment, and then where you want to buy, what you wish to buy (a house, townhouse or apartment), and how much you can pay. If it is for your own use, factors you might consider are size (how many bedrooms, outside entertainment and play areas, relaxation space for parents and/or children); proximity to shopping, transport, schools, work, or the city; the effort you are willing to put in - or pay for - to have an " OK "  property become your dream home.

When you have answers to the questions that tell you what you want, you can begin scouring the agents' listings for properties that meet your requirements.

In Australia, the newspapers have long been an important tool to help would-be buyers search for properties. Agents also show their properties in their own offices, and, increasingly, use their websites to advertise their listings.

You can also use the newspaper listings to discover the open inspection times, and the contact details of the listing agents in case you wish to organise an individual appointment or find out more about a property or properties.

You may discover that certain agents or companies specialise in certain suburbs or regions. It will be worth your while providing your details to the agents specialising in your desired suburb or suburbs so they can contact you when they hear of a property that may suit you.

There is nothing more frustrating than finding the house you want, only to miss out on it simply because you don't have your finance organised. It is advisable to meet a representative of Aussie Best Loans Centre at the beginning of your property search. If you determine your lending limits and organise the finance ahead of time, you can confidently make an offer for a property without the kind of  "subject to finance" conditions that may persuade the vendor to reject your offer in favour of another.

The same attention to detail and personal service apply, no matter which Aussie Best Loans Centre service you choose. Once we have helped you choose the right financial product or strategy, we oversee the process from application to acceptance. Our personalised service is part of an ongoing relationship that keeps you in touch with the latest financial options.

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