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Residential Construction / Building Loan

Building the home of your dreams in Australia is an exciting but demanding exercise. The last thing you want to worry about is finance. So let Aussie Best Loans Centre take care of it for you. A big part of our job is taking the strain off you by doing as much groundwork as we can on your behalf. Our loan consultants will work closely with you before approaching various mortgage lenders to find the right home loan product to match your needs.

Residential Construction / Building Loan offers flexible finance options so you can build your home to suit your needs. It is available on Discount Variable Loan, Standard Variable Loan, Low Doc and Line of Credit Facility. Due to our extensive panel of lenders, we can also offer Low Doc Home Finance for Owner Builders at highly competitive interest rates even if you have impaired credit history.

At Aussie Best Loans Centre we understand that building your home can be frustrating and complicated. That's why we offer to help you manage the project more efficiently, for example, we can set up a schedule of progress payments for paying builders and organize the payments to be made after each stage of building that has been inspected and verified.

Aussie Best Loans Centre takes control over payments to the builder, and only makes progress payments after an independent valuer has assessed the value of the work completed. We will make sure your home is fully completed to your satisfaction and Council approved, before the builder receives the final payment. 

However, to help us determine the final value of your property, when arranging a valuation we need you to supply us with: 

Construction Loan Construction cost estimates - tenders, costs and quotes from your builder. 
Owner Builder Council approved plans and specifications, including any conditions of approval. 
Building Loan Written details of any work to be carried out by you, or your family, friend or sub-contractors. 

We will advise when you can start building in writing, normally this process takes up to 4-5 weeks of approval. 

Aussie Best Loans Centre makes getting into your new home easier by only requiring you to repay the interest on the amount drawn-down to date during the construction period. This reverts to the full monthly loan repayment on completion of the home. This helps you pay the rent, or existing mortgage payments whilst your new home is being built. 

Choosing the right Residential Construction / Building Home Loan can be a confusing and time consuming exercise. Our professional mortgage consultants can provide you with information to make an informed decision obligation free.

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